AMS in the older adults

Diagnosing and Managing Delirium in Older Adults


D.E.L.I.R.I.U.M. mneumonic


Electrolyte abnomalities: dehydration

Lack of drugs


Reduced sensory input

Intracranial pathology

Urinary or fecal retention

Myocard & Lungs


For pain control in geriatric patients morphine (MSI) 2 mg IV and re-assess.

At all cost steer away from physical restraint. If you have to use Haloperidol 0.5-1.0 mg IV or IM or orally. No Benzodiazepines (unless alcohol withdrawal or Benzo withdrawal)

Alternative: Olanzapin in low doses (2.5 mg).


Preventing delirium:

(1) treat pain, (2) hydrate, (3) give food if possible, (4) continue regular medication, (5) put in appropriate environement, (6) do not forget hearing aids etc, (7) involve relatives

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